Leap of Faith

So, my Mom and I are both sort of “glass half full” gals.  We share a solid imagination (some call this being delusional).  In March, when we first went to look at the Cottonwood Barn, destined to to be the area’s newest wedding venue, we were immediately caught up in the excitement of Laura and Dan, an entrepreneurial couple with a vision for a new business. We were absolutely entranced by the ideas for transforming a faded, sagging pile of wood (See first picture) into magic (see second picture).   Dan’s brother, Bill, is a commercial contractor who would, with some heavy equipment and willing hands, create rustic elegance out of deteriorating bones.  Image

 All of our co-planners cautioned us to have a “Plan B” for this surely foolhardy pursuit (when we first looked at the barn in March it was pretty much still a working barn–that had been abandoned). Month after agonizing month a member of my family would covertly drive-by the barn–these trips were reinforcing their warnings.  Work was happening, crews were around, but not much had changed to the untrained eye.  About a month ago Mike and I climbed several mountains of dirt in order to get a glimpse of the barn. 

Then we got the call from Laura and Dan.  “Come on out on Sunday”, they said.  “We will show you the progress.”

 On Sunday all three sets of parents gathered at the barn with Mike and me, and together we sighed a giant collective sigh of relief.  I wasn’t crazy.  The vision mom and I pictured was staring back at me–and this time it wasn’t just in my head! 

ImageDan, Laura and Bill were creating a wedding masterpiece. It will not be a gilded masterpiece, but a rustic and magical and sincere place to celebrate with wonderful friends and family. And a gorgeous setting.

 Laura and Dan have gathered wish lists from caterers and wedding planners and have included features that will make things go smoothly for any event.  Their thoughtful details from heated floors, bathroom tile that looks like barn wood, to the silo bar and copper bar in the barn, make this a special space in which we can gather our friends and hold them warmly. 

 Getting to this place hasn’t been easy.  The fundamental structural work took time as they tore off a roof, insulated it outside of the shell so the exposed interior would be the original wood, built some dormers for added light.  They dug down a few feet under the first floor to provide more height and placed the wiring and plumbing systems under the new poured concrete floor.  Finally they placed siding that looked like original barn wood. Now they are ready to put the polish on the star.  

 Stay tuned for the next few weeks and I will show you how the magic is made.  Laura has promised me some regular photo updates as her baby is born.